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Our products

A wanted luxury

Our brand finds its foundation in love, respect for our dogs and takes shape in the creation of Premium products, enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy, the cradle of luxury manufacturing.

Our goal is to offer our four-legged friends, but also their owners, luxury products with a classy design suitable for any occasion. They are products with a minimal but sophisticated design and embellished with remarkable details. PORCOCANE offers Premium quality and own designs made in the Italian territory by our artisan supply chain.

Raw Material

Our brand supplies only the highest quality materials. Great attention is paid to the products for the choice of raw materials, always taking into consideration: QUALITY, COMFORT AND DURABILITY.

Our leather goods are made of premium quality calfskin, leather and cowhide. he leather that is used in the production of our DogSofà, Leashes, Collars and Harnesses differs from other brands through the combination of its high resistance and a comfortable softness that does not damage the coat of your dogs. All our materials used are materials from the Italian supply chain and each design is unique in its kind.


All our collections are handcrafted and Made in Italy, made entirely by hand by our master craftsmen.

Our artisans use top quality leather and fabrics in all the collections we offer. The materials come from Italy and are hand finished. Through the skill of our artisans, we want to give prestige and appreciation to your animals.

Precious Details

To make our products even more precious, we rely on the expert hands of leather goods and jewelers who take care of inserting details that give your dog a more refined and charismatic look.

Each finish of a luxury product has its own complexities and a different manufacturing technique. The finishes of our masterpieces of craftsmanship are carefully selected, from the metallic ones, for a more rock character, in leather for a refined character, cotton for a dog who loves comfort and with crystal inserts for a dog attentive to Haute Couture.


Perpetuating the tradition of inimitable Italian excellence of our perfumers-creators, they have made exceptional ingredients the hallmark of our fragrances. For PORCOCANE, the quality of the ingredients is at the center of every stage of perfume creation.

We collaborate with the best fragrance experts who travel the world in search of the flowers that can determine the olfactory identity of your pets through our fragrances. The fragrances are made with the best essential oils with different floral notes, offering a premium quality product to perfume your dog and the environment in which he lives.

Passion, quality, excellence

Our brand in the world

We have designed our products for all the animals in the world. Therefore, we ship our masterpieces to Italy, Europe and overseas.

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