Alabastro Harness Silver Flowers Fuchsia Capalbio Collection


The “CAPALBIO” collection takes its name from the renowned Tuscan location, where the exclusivity of the places merges with a territory of ancient flavor. Our collection of models combines elegance and the uniqueness of materials with the tradition of processing leather by Tuscan master saddlers.

The Capalbio collection consists of two product lines: the “Ansedonia” line, products made of genuine Italian leather with elegant and simple shapes that offer exclusive refinement, and the “Alabaster” line which, with the addition of particular refined inserts, adds a touch of modernity and carefreeness.

The rock element of the stud adds a modern note to the natural elegance of the leather handcrafted by Tuscan artisans. The variety of studs combined with the different models allows the customer to search for the best combination for an object with a unique and refined design.

Made of steel, soft leather, steel finishes

Size Guide:

  • 0 – Belly circumference 32-36 cm, Neck circumference 30 cm
  • 1 – Belly circumference 37-42 cm, Neck circumference 34 cm
  • 2 – Belly circumference 42-47 cm, Neck circumference 32 cm
  • 3 – Belly circumference 47-52 cm, Neck circumference 41 cm
  • 4 – Belly circumference 52-57 cm, Neck circumference 45 cm

Leather height: 1.5 cm

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