Baiadera Express Harness • Jaipur


Jaipur stop, let’s go back in time. It is 1876 and the Maharaja decided to impress Prince Albert of Wales on a visit to the city. All of Jaipur was painted pink, a color that represents welcome and hospitality. The Maharaja’s wife appreciated the new color and from that day the buildings in central Jaipur can only be pink in color.

We have chosen a silky-soft nylon, quality and with refined colors for an easy to wear harness with a very fast and practical metal closure. The adjustable girth makes it adaptable to any type of build. By loosening the nylon at the height of the sliding buckle, you can reach a width that can dress growing puppies over time and use it over sweaters and coats in the colder seasons. Machine washable at low temperature.

Size guide:

  • 0 – belly 30-40 cm, chest 20 cm
  • 1 – belly 34-45 cm, chest 23 cm
  • 1.5 – belly 36-48 cm, chest 27 cm
  • 2 – belly 41-47 cm, chest 32 cm
  • 2,5 – belly 46-65 cm, chest 35 cm
  • 3 – belly 54-80 cm, chest 42 cm
  • 3,5 – belly 58-84 cm, chest 47 cm