Baiadera Express Training Leash • Sahara


From here we start the journey on our Baiadera Express, each stage is a surprise and leads us to slide on the Sahara dunes, where the sand moved by the wind creates new horizons to discover.

For all those who need a more versatile leash, we recommend this 2 meter long Made in Italy soft nylon training leash with an additional carabiner and an arrangement of rings that allows you to shorten and lengthen the leash as needed. Simply to give your dog more freedom or to carry the leash over the shoulder, leaving your hands free for any eventuality. Machine washable at low temperature.

Size guide:

  • 1,5 – length leash 2 m | tape height 1.5 cm
  • 2 – length leash 2 m | tape height 2 cm