Baiadera Express Collar • Le Havre


Le Havre stop the colors of France, leads us to open the window in front of one of the most beautiful dawns of art, Monet lived, painted and described it “the sun was tempting, the sea fascinating, and where it was simply wonderful to run along the cliffs, or maybe splashing around in the water “. Cotton, coffee, spices, exotic woods from faraway places that pass through a wonder city of Europe

A soft and elegant nylon that is easy to adjust to dress all dogs, from the smallest to the giants! Just slide the nylon to adapt it to the dog’s neck to have a perfect outfit embellished with a metal closure buckle. Machine washable at low temperature.

Size guide:

  • 1.5 cm – 21 cm adjustment 33 cm
  • 2cm – adjustment from 28,5cm to 46cm
  • 3cm – adjustment from 35,5cm to 57cm