Leash Wally Retriever Pink/Green


This leash, made of polyester-coated nautical rope covered in cotton, is designed as a true working tool, primarily used with retrieving dogs during training.

The large loop is used to hold the dog by the chest rather than the neck.

After giving the command, with a quick motion, the loop is removed, allowing the dog to move.

Its practicality makes it particularly suitable for quick movements and short outings.

To use this tool effectively and take advantage of its benefits, simply position the sliding ring correctly based on the size of the dog’s neck.

Very convenient as it is fully adjustable and suitable for medium to large-sized dogs.

Originally designed for training but also recommended for long walks.

Wally products are machine washable at low temperatures.

We recommend not exposing the wet leash to heat sources as the leather parts could be damaged.

Leash diameter: 1.5 cm

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