Merino Wool Fuchsia

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The clothing item par excellence, the one that cannot be missing. No matter how big your beloved pet is, indoor dogs need warm clothing for winter because their fur only adapts to the warm temperatures of our homes, not to the external weather conditions. We propose the simplest turtleneck sweater with the best fitting for every body type. The size of the coat corresponds to the length in centimeters of the back, so to choose the best one, we recommend using a tailor’s tape measure and measuring your dog from the withers (the point where the neck and shoulders meet) to the beginning of the tail. For dogs with a more robust build, choose a slightly roomier size, and the ribbed knit will be perfect. The tail loop will help the garment stay snug against the body to protect it from the cold.

100% Merino Wool

Washing instructions: Wash the garment with wool and delicate detergent by hand or in the wool program in the washing machine.

Drying: Lay the sweater flat and away from heat sources.

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