Tatami Blue Stripes

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Entirely handcrafted by the finest artisans from Piedmont with extreme attention to detail, the soft cotton wadding fillings are hypoallergenic, maintain their shape over time, and are encased in carefully selected fabrics to provide a soft, scratch-resistant covering that is easily machine washable at 30 degrees or can be wiped daily with a damp cloth.

We’ve upholstered the Tatami with a double lining, an internal and an external one, both fully removable to ensure maximum practicality and to guarantee the utmost hygiene for our pets.

Designed to embrace, the mattress is soft and molds to the body to instill a sense of calm and deep relaxation.

The padding contributes to creating a shelter isolated from the floor in every season of the year.

The compact and lightweight tatami is perfect to accompany you wherever you go and can be placed in any environment and space.

Given the particular craftsmanship of the product, delivery times are 3 weeks.

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