Jago’s Story

Perhaps not everyone knows that behind this name lies me, a Golden Retriever puppy with no great aspirations and no clue where to place my future.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Porcocane is me, a hothead (as they used to call me) who broke away from the pack, seeking a master who would love me for who I was.

It all began one summer evening as I happily romped around the park with my fellow canines. It was sweltering hot, and my owner, along with his brother and his partner, walked closely together, unaware of me, who was drooling over a female dog named Brenda.

I detached myself from them by a few lengths and, as soon as I could, I bolted.

I was so caught up in the fact that she too was giving me sweet looks that I didn’t hear the calls:

“Jago, come here!”

“Jago, come here right now!”

“Porcocane! Jago, come here immediately!!”

And that’s how the idea came about, just like that. I’m sure of it. They spent all their time chattering about setting up a business where, as far as I understood, they would cater to the needs of us puppies. They discussed treats of all kinds, toys, comfy beds, and warm baths.

The name “Porcocane”, the nickname my owner had scolded me with, was greatly appreciated, and at that moment, I fully understood that I had contributed to the birth of a place just for us.

They absolutely had to acknowledge it!

So the work began, and for me, time seemed to stand still. The wait was nerve-wracking until the long-awaited day of the grand opening arrived.

The store was fantastic, everything inside it drove me crazy with delight, so whenever I could sneak in for a few minutes to express my joy, I ran around like crazy!!!

So much time has passed, and especially many of my friends have passed through there, some to buy a toy, some a bed, some an endless array of treats, and some just to get lots of cuddles.

Many people know the “Porcocane” in Via Carlo Alberto, but many don’t know its story: so, for them, we wanted to briefly tell its birth.

Every time you pass by there, remember me too, remember that Golden named Jago who inadvertently contributed to bringing a dream to life!